Thank You For UE4 !

Dear Everyone at Epic,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for UE4!

I have so much fun with UE4 every day!

Whether I am doing C++ coding, blueprint work, animation blendspaces, particle systems, or playing with materials, I am having a party with UE4 every day!

I also wanted to create this space where others can share their happy experiences with UE4 :slight_smile:

I am creating this thread just because I really want to show all of you at Epic how much I appreciate all your hard work on UE4, daily!

Every day UE4 makes me happy!


I’m especially happy with the Epics great involvement in the community!

Happy to have you around Rama :slight_smile: We’re glad you’re enjoying the engine and am excited about all the things people are doing with it!


:smiley: Best community and best engine!

Yeah this community is great, and seeing the devs/employees being active here is amazing! :smiley:

Also the price and the licensing are not comparable to other engines.


And a special thanks to Epic for making things so easy for Rama to make us awesome blueprint nodes! :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you Chance! :slight_smile:

Hee hee! * Blushes *


**Thank you for UE4, Epic!**


To Epic Games, Inc. staff, you’re AWESOME

Original post date: 20th of March, 2014

Source link for Epic staff + anyone who has access to the old licensee AnswerHub:

To add to my above quote,
I would just like to say that I am both impressed and honored to be apart of such a community which delivers in so many ways to each other from meaty engine updates like clockwork every month or less, to a willing and helpful community which is for the most part kind and understanding of every individual in the community whether big or small and to a open doors approach from Epic Games + partners/developers to/for the community.

Whilst I might appear to stamp my feet every now and again, I’m glad this engine exists and it enables indies to have such a powerful tool at their disposal. It’s amazing what’s been achieved in a small amount of time and I am truly amazed at what a decent engine it is. For our main project I’m glad I decided to make the swap, looking forward to spending the next couple of years with Unreal!.

It’s been interesting using UE4 after spending years with Unity, I am for all purposes pretty useless with Unreal 4 (as I never used UDK or UE3 for long either). But I’m sure I’ll get their one day.! :slight_smile:

Best community and greatest engine. Thank you Epic! :smiley:

Yeah, UE4 is great to work with… I really love blueprints, the user friendliness, and the terrain editor… oh I forgot material setup, hehehe! Keep it improving :slight_smile:

I hope you won’t remove existing features with newer updates, but instead add and improve them even more, and/or add entire new, useful features!

Hey everyone,

I am happy to see you are all enjoying the engine! I’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the great content people have created thus far and look forward to seeing what you are able to do with the editor in the future.

UE4 is really a blast to work with every day, the pacing of the updates and the involvement of the community is exemplary. Keep up the fantastic work Epic!

Thank you, I am surprised by features and support almost every day :slight_smile:


Definitely something big planned for the future, hehe! Can’t wait to share with you, guys :slight_smile:

UE4 (Y)

Hee hee!

Yea all of you, the Community members are making UE4 even more fun!



Everyone - thanks for all the kind words :slight_smile: tearing up over here.

And thank YOU all for all your work in making this community great. I’m really inspired by y’all and humbled by all the awesome ways ways you help improve the engine and each other. We are proud to call you ours :smiley:


Having so much fun in UE4 every day!

Thanks Epic!


Thanks Epic for releasing an amazing product. There is so much to learn and I enjoy every moment. I havent been playing games to much this year since I got this engine. UE4 is my game and the community is like multiplayer mode-maybe more like co-op. I appreciate all the knowledge shared here and I will continue to contribute and share anything that may benefit the community. Its really nice to see everyone at Epic actively checking in and offering words of encouragement and advice.

Also thank you Rama for the tips and being a good friend and inspiration.


Ya, UE4 is a big step over UDK. I am more than satisfied with UE4 so far.