Texturing Problem with Blender Materials

Hi! I am using Blender for UE4. I’m beginner in both of them. So, here is my problem:

1- I have made a low-poly tree model in Blender using two materials.

2- After UV mapping, baking after all that stuff; I got my texture:

3- I exported my model as FBX.

4- I imported my texture and model:

5- I applied texture on model by dragging it. But it applied only on one material:

6- To texture the other material, i dragged newly created tree texture material to second material space:

7- But, as you can see it made tree log green too! How can i solve this problem?

your model is either not uv mapped correctly or your materials arent setup properly. with a model that simple you shouldnt need two materials, you may want to look into simplifying it.