Texturing one object- using object multiple times with different scales


I am currently doing a room in blender for UE4 and I have come across something I don’t know how to go about.

In the pic the white object is a basic window ledge, I plan to have it around every window and I’m not sure the best way to go about texturing it. I have a few ideas but I’m not confident in my approach.

I had in mind -

  1. Create all window ledges, UV unwrap them all into one UV atlas and just tile a texture but this is restricting any detail along either X or Y :frowning:

  2. UV unwrap the white object as is so I can retain detail, and tile a texture along x, y. This is preferred but what if I want to stretch that object along the X to fit the window on all 4 sides? I can make a material instance with variable X and Y to fit it, but I would need to make an new material instances to fit any new window ledge I create that has a different length…

If anyone has any enlightenment on this that would be awesome :slight_smile: