Texturing Hair Cards


Using Blender 2.79 , I’m trying to create hair textures for my characters.
In this article: 1

There are listed different types of hair textures that would be needed in order to make the hair look realistic. I could figure out how to create alpha and diffuse texture. But I’m not sure about the Root, the Depth and the Unique ID texture. How can I create those ?

I also posted this in the blender forum:

This is a great tutorial about it: Creating Hair Textures for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

The guy uses XNormal for depth but you could probably figure out how to do it in a renderer (with orthographic camera) if you had to.

For the ID textures you just create a few grayscale textures from black to white, assign them to random hairs and bake the diffuse out. For root-tip you do the same thing but using multiple different gradient textures, with black at the top and white at the bottom.

Thanks for the link! That is basically what the guy does here I think:

When I tried to bake the texture it didn’t show anything. The alpha map sometimes is completely white. I’m still struggling with the render image…

I never quite understood how one import the high poly version of the hair strands. When making a lot of thin strips out of the particle strands gives me weird baking results