Texturing characters with team colours

Hi, was wondering if anyone could help with some tips…

I’m using characters that will have parts of their clothing set to a different colour depending on their team (most of the character will be the same, but they might have sleeves/team emblem etc set to a team colour). So was wondering if it was possible to use the same texture image (to save textures memory), but somehow set a part of the texture to a different colour depending on the team? For example, is there some “blue-screen” colour that can be set variably via blueprint? Or use a material blueprint that has some opacity mask that can have a different colour fed into it?

Is there a standard technique used for colour differentiating parts of a single model?


Hi, sorry to bump, but if anyone has any info on how to do this would be really useful…

Yup, your second idea, just use a mask. Use the mask as the alpha to lerp between your main texture and the team color. If you want your main texture to still affect the team color areas, just do an overlay blend (or something like that) before you lerp. If you overlay, leave white in your main texture the areas you want the team color to be pure.

Brilliant stuff… just what’s needed :slight_smile: