Textures suddenly not loading on startup


I’m working on a project where suddenly in some levels the textures don’t seem to be loading.
They previously loaded fine. It’s a mix of Quixel assets, Marketplace assets and self made assets. They all experience the same issue.

This happens in two out of five levels.

If I go through each Material/ material instance and open up each texture assigned they do load and the materials update right away. However when I restart the engine they all become blurry again.

I’ve attached two images, in the first one you see the materials blurry, in the second one I went through the material of the rock and the branch and clicked on each texture after which they loaded.

Can anyone help me figure out how to solve this so all textures load on startup?

Thanks in advance!

I’m just checking, are you getting the error about ‘texture streaming pool over…’?

That should be displayed in red in the viewport right? I do not.

I have the same problem (4.25) and i have no message about texture streaming pool in the corner.

Does it load when you “enter” into the viewport and move the camera closer to the textures? (and wait some seconds)

Nope. Nothing to do with LOD’s or anything. When I open the texture assets they do reload and update in the materials. However I’d have to do that each time I restart the engine.

Same here.

Maybe you could try disabling texture streaming from Project Settings, to try to corral the problem’s origin.

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Find any solutions? Our entire team is experiencing the same issue. Small scenes aren’t a problem, but large scenes with lots of textures really bites. Reloading textures takes allot of time and it really sucks after a crash.

Smart use of virtual textures, limiting texture res, and limiting the amount of textures used ex: Reusing height as AO in some cases, not using height/AO/roughness maps in most textures unless needed, etc.

anyone found the solution?!

Ok, had this issue when changing levels in-game (instead of loading them via editor). What I discovered is that if you move the meshes a little (> 0.01 on any axis), the texture re-appears. After that, I just disconnected all related materials outputs (Bases and Instances), saved each one, reconnected all of them again, and saved them. After that, the issue disappeared.