Textures not appearing on surface?

Hey I’m new to the unreal engine and I’m having issues figuring out why the textures aren’t being painted on the surface? There’s a video that I’ve included to give you an idea as to what is up. I have no issue applying the materials but I was looking to get a mossy type look on the rock foundation. I might add that that assets I drop in the viewport is something I made in Blender, I don’t know if that’s what the issue could be?

[video]d1Q2eKxKak.avi - Google Drive

Bump ???

Your issue is that the texture you’re trying to paint to isn’t the texture that the object has set in the material so it’s not going to paint anything. But even then, there’s so few painting features that there’s no point in using that tool. I believe Blender has better tools for painting on a 3D model in a viewport.

There’s tools in UE4 for vertex painting which is something that’s definitely useful since it can allow you to blend between materials or apply certain material effects based on the vertex colors. But as far as actually painting the texture map of a 3D model it would be better to use a software specifically designed for that like Quixel, Substance Painter, etc.

I’d like to know how to paint texture in UE, I have an idea how to do it in blender.