Textures, Materials and Models

I’m newbie at textures, materials and models. I want learn about it, I don’t want make it, I only want know the theory, techniques and other things. Where can I find tutorials?

That’s a pretty broad question. As far as 3D modeling, probably 3DBuzz would be a good start. Most pros us 3DSMax or Maya for modeling. I think 3DBuzz shows how to do some *very *basic materials, but you really first need to get a basic knowledge of Photoshop before you start building up the materials in the Unreal editor. It’s in Photoshop that you make it tileable, and get the normal and specular textures prepared. Adobe Illustrator is a real bonus of knowledge as well.

Here is a good place to learn about materials: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation (just search for it in the documentation, then you will find many information) -> also take a look at the materials/textures that are included in the UE4.

For textures and models you can watch tutorials on youtube :slight_smile:

Hi Jakoozie,

fighter5347 gave some great info but another source you could use is Digital Tutors. They have an excellent video walk-through for everything you need to know for creating a model from start to finish. Creating the lowpoly and the highpoly, unwrapping the UVs, creating all the textures, LODs (Level of Detail), importing and finalizing it in UE4. There is a monthly subscription but they also have tutorials on many other aspects of game design.

If you read and learn this book from end to end, you will have a fundamental understanding of meshes, materials, and textures:
Computer Graphics: Practice and Principle (3rd ed)

Here are a couple of awesomely informative YouTube videos concerning materials.

**Difuse **- The basic texture image being applied. Everything else is for effect to add realism.
**Specular **- Regulates the light reflecting properties.
**Normal **- Gives the illusion of slight depth to a flat image. Adds pop to things like brick walls, and such.

This first one explains the importance of a good specular map, along with some discussion on the normal map as well:

This next video goes into sufficient detail of importing the textures into Unreal, and building up a basic ‘material’. It’s done on UDK, but you shouldn’t have a problem doing the same in UE4: