Texture's, Material's and How?

TL;DR at bottom


So after playing with UE4 on and off for the better part of a week now I’ve started “creating” and trying to make a replica of Battlefield 3’s operation metro Park.

now I’ve done my best to create the realistic size which took some work and much more to come and now its coming down to using some texturing of the landscape to create path’s and such to give my self a more mapped out layout of what i’m working with.


I’m quite unfamiliar with painting the terrain ( it seemed easier when i previously used CE) Now i’m aware of what i “need” to some extent when creating a material to paint to the landscape with the help of THIS thread on the UE4 forums and YouTube tutorial HERE

BUT. I’m wanting to Create textures to use since i don’t have much to work with in the stock engine and to my demise even migrating the foliage kit which had grass and dirt materials i couldn’t seem to apply those materials to the "landscape tab’s " Paint area in the editor. any idea’s?

I have also searched the UE4 forums and come across free websites that offer free textures for commercial use and have come in WAY WAY over my head from importing them into the engine and if not all but 1 texture isn’t the "power of two " which notify’s myself that this will cause issues. and then going on to adding them into a material only to find that i do not have normal maps ect. to create what i’m seeking i really do feel over-combed with this but i would really like to learn and figure this out!!

I know this is a big ask to the answers hub as i probably am fairly over my head right now but a poke in the right direction would be fantastic to help myself in the right direction, so thank you in advance!

Alonaz (:

**TL;DR **

  • Cant figure out how to apply textures to landscape.
  • Creating normal maps from textures.
  • Where do i go from here?

EDIT: (Also i apologize if this is the wrong section of the forum but i thought this would be the most fitting for the topic)

(Posted on the Answers HUB but i thought i could get an ongoing discussion “hopefully” and also a future reference for anyone else in my current position.)

this page of the quick start guide tells you how to create and apply the materials to landscapes

hope it helps:)

thank’s mate ill be sure to read through this thoroughly.

Any idea what this “Power of two issue is?” Is this the Pixel count of the texture? which is not by the power of two?

Thanks again!

yes “power of two” refers to the pixel count, it just means textures that are divisible/multiples of 2 in length and height, eg:128/256/512/1024(you can also mix them up like 128x512), UE4 uses power of 2 textures to reduce resolution of the textures the further away from them the player is to help with performance.