Textures coming out washed out

Ok so, I’ve had this problem for a few years. Some (but not all) low res textures I import into ue4 get super desaturated once they reach the material editor.

I’ve seen other people with this problem but when I follow the advice they got it doesn’t help.

Any advice or explanation appreciated.

What are you material settings there? If I put your texture as the base of a default material, it looks fine. Starts to look more washed out on the emissive pin. What else did you do in this setup?

It’s set to unlit and the color is feeding in to emissive, everything else is default, maybe I I’m misinterpreting how unlit works but usually this seems to results in an unshaded render of my texture with 1:1 color values

now that I’m actually examining the color values though it looks like it makes it slightly brighter, which is why I’ve only noticed it on bright pastel textures, any suggestions for an unshaded, unbrightened texture?

Sorry, can’t replicate your situation here. The material you have in the image is not default unlit, as the pins available don’t match up with that. If you can give me the details, I’ll still take a look…

It looks ok like this:


Try may help:
in texture settings (not in materials):
Level Of Detail → Mip Gen Settings → set → NoMipmaps

Im having the same issue… Did you ever find a solution?

This is usually due to linear vs sRGB. You might try enabling sRGB in the texture settings, and setting the sampler to color instead of linear.

Additionally it may be that yout texture has 16bit depth. Changing the bitdepth to 8bit (in Photoshop/Gimp) did the trick for me.