Textures become VERY low quality after a while.

So i have been getting the “Texture Streaming Pool over: XXXXXX” error. I tried setting the maximum to 2000 via the console, but that changed nothing. I have 8gb of Vram (yes Vram not actual RAM) i read you cant make the value higher than the amount of Vram you have. What am i doing wrong? The texture settings are set to EPIC.

Once you have increased the texture streaming pool try rebuilding the lighting, that did work for me at one point.

Other than that try launching the game in editor and see if the textures are still the same bad quality, because for me when i had this problem the textures would appear to look bad quality when editing the scene etc, but when i launched the game it looked fine.

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Thanks for the rather quick reply Stuubo. The problem is reoccurring and does not seem to be lighting-related. Once that happens, it becomes any map. Any map i load gets those texture issues.

Hmm, i know you can edit the texture pool size in the default engine.ini which will permanently increase the texture pool size if you do it in your program files or you can do it in your config for the project.

Hmm, let me try that! This problem happens randomly though… so let me see if this will be a permanent fix.

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