Textures are still clamping & stretching when set to wrap (tile) instead.

All I want is for textures to tile in their default size when expanding an object. They’re set to wrap in advanced texture settings, but they aren’t wrapping; is this a bug?

can you perhaps show me/us what exactly you are trying to do?
some images of preferable a video.

Okay, so when I drag in a new textured box, the texture is its normal size.[1]
But when I stretch the box, the texture always stretches with it :frowning: These settings should prevent that, afaik, and allow the texture to stay the same size & just repeat, instead of stretch.[2] Another, unrelated problem, is that each time a new material is applied for the first time (outside of starter content), it freezes everything and takes a long time to process.

Thats 100% normal and expected behaviour.
Your texture is applied to a uv-channel in the mesh, and when you scale the mesh, it will scale that channel and the texture along with it.

You will need i.e. a world position node put into the uv-channel of your texture to make it scale the way you want.

two examples:

As for number 2: totally depends on your specs, the shaders, and potentially even the location of the moon.

I see, thanks. Hoping they’ll add a global tile/fix toggle in the future.

thats… not how things work.
The very easy to set up node system I showed you is what you need.