Textures and FBX sources and version control

What is the best place to store source textures and fbx to be able to modify them in future? For example Artist A created some art and commited it to repo. Then Artist B modify these textures or FBXs and need to automatically reimport this in editor. What is the best way:

  1. Everything in project folder, source textures and FBX in the same folder as Unreal assets.
  2. Surce textures and FBX in separate Art folder and Ureal assets in project folder
  3. Sorce in separate Art folder (psd textures, max or maya models), tga and fbx files in project folder in the same folders as Unreal assets.
    What future of Import button because at this moment there is two absolutely different ways to work with content - one is similar to Unity but works in different way and the second one is native Unreal way when you always manually import stuff from different places?
    Thank you!

Run into this problem lately myself, I thought it was a Perforce issue with the typemap or p4ignore but the man that holds the depot keys says it’s not. It seems pretty daft that Unreal has an option to edit the source file but source control done through Unreal ignores it… What did you do in the end?