TextureGroup: [UI vs 2D Pixels (Unfiltered)] - What is the difference?

Hey! I am currently recreating a Minecraft World in Unreal Engine 4. The world will be 3D and I need to know what type of Texture group that would be recommended for me.
I came across UI and 2D Pixels (unfiltered) and I wonder what the difference are between these two. I found some information about UI - see below. But there are no information onto what 2D Pixels do.

Thanks for reading.

To the best of my knowledge right off my head.

UI attempts to the maximum resolution for textures at all times.

I’m going to guess than 2D Pixels (Unfiltered) would look like the right hand image in this one I just grabbed of Google, the left side has texture filtering and the right side is unfiltered.


Thanks, I believe the same thing… But… I wonder what the best selection would be… I am thinking of going for the UI selection because there are some documentation about what it does… I really can’t find any information on what 2D pixels (Unfiltered) does.
For example what is the maximum texture size that it can have… How does it handle the mipmap settings, does it have any… and so on.

From what I’ve been able to gather, which isn’t much, it seems like 2D Pixels (Unfiltered) is intended for use with Paper 2D.

Yes, thanks! I’ll stick with that information! Thank you very much LMP3D! :slight_smile:

I also have not looked into it but if 2D Pixels drops the mipmaps that would also save about 30% on texture sizes.