Texture value problem

Hi Unreal Experts

I am pretty new to Unreal and I am having the below problem shown on the image.

My problem is that my texture looks extremely different in the unreal viewport even when its unlit compared to how the texture looks in the Unreal texture viewer. What am I doing wrong? Or what is it I do not understand? Why do the texture look soo different in Unlit mode or in general in the viewport?

Please please please help me understand what the problem is or why this is? Is there something you experts do to work around this problem?

The preview has a basic point light and doesn’t account for any other things you have set in the world like post processing effects or reflection captures. Unlit removes all lighting effects from the scene and shows only base parameters of color information. Looking over the documentation is very important to understanding how light works in the engine to then understand materials.

I think I have solved the problem. I found out that materials in the unlit viewport is shown with specular value of 0.5 This makes the textures look washed out if you do not yet have any specular maps on them. Setting the spec value to 0 makes the unlit texture look the same as in the texture viewer.

If you want to see the the real unlit view, I think you need to use Buffer visualisation base color.