texture tiling its self?

so when i import terrain tiles and apply the texture to it
the texture is tiling itself like 2,000,000 times?

how can i apply the texture to the whole object as 1 tile?

this is what the texture is doing. from this you can see what the issue is.

by default a texture will use the default UV coordinates, which are 0-1. landscapes are different, and use a system where 0-1 represents 1 meter. this is why it tiles. what you need is to use the ‘landscape coordinates’ as an input for your textures and set the scale for that to the size of your landscape (you can find this by going in to the landscape mode and clicking ‘change component size’ and copy-pasting the result there in to the landscape coordinates node)

thankyou!!! now i need to do a higher rez texture but this is so good THANKYOU!