Texture tileset with material editor.

Hi !
I have a texture with multiple 16x16 tiles on it.
I want to know how to use a specific tile of my texture like:
The 3rd of the 1st line.

I’ve managed to scale my texture with “TexCoord” but I can’t do better.

For info, a tileset look like this:

The material that I’m creating is supposed to be added on a 3D mesh.
I’m not trying to create a 2D game. I just want to store multiple UV maps for the same object in a single file.

By the looks of your atlas, I’m assuming that this is for a 2D scene. You shouldn’t use material editor or texcoord for sprites. You have to follow the Paper2D system workflow meaning that When you import your 2D atlas to create individual sprites.

In the sprites’ settings you would be able to specify the location of your tile in the source atlas/texture.

you can do this by simply right click on the texture file in content browser> Sprite Actions>Create Sprite then double click your sprite to change settings.

here’s the documentation on it:

you can scale the UV coordinates by multiplying, and offset the UV coordinates by adding.

Perfect !
Exactly what I need. Thanks a lot.

Hi there! I know years past, but I wanted to deliver a screenshot of how I set it up

I have a Tile Set that has 1:2 ratio, so your numbers could be different.