Texture Tiles on Destructible Mesh

Hi all, I have a destructible mesh that when you put a texture on it, it tiles.

How can I turn this off?


Have you tired using a texture coordinate in the Material Blueprint to change the tiling?

No, how do you do that?

In you material Make a node called texture coordinate and plug it into the UV input at your texture node. When you go to the Details panel of the node there you can edit the U and V tiling. Set that to 0.25 and 0.25 and see if that helps.

Hi ShrewGlue,

The UVs for your DM are going to be setup based on the original meshes UVs before the DM was created. Control the UV for the base exterior of the mesh can be handled via the method that UDKAP mentions.

If you need to adjust the interior UVs, you can do this by opening your mesh in the fracture tool > Fracture Settings > General > Fracture Material Desc > UV Scale > adjust the values here for the X and Y to get more or less tiling for the interior pieces, if needed.



Thanks! That did the trick, my material’s now the correct size.

It’s a bit offset now though, how can I shift it down a bit?


This will still need to be adjusted via the texture coordinate node. You will need to adjust your V coordinate index.