Texture Streching

i imported my building from cinema 4d and the texture gets stretched in certain places. i had the same problem in cinema 4d but i fixed it by changing the projection from UVW mapping to Cubic.
please help asap

Hello BenjiHD_

Would you provide some screenshots of the textures stretching in your viewport as well as your material setup in UE4?

it does the same with any texture

Have you tried turning down your tesselation multiplayer and distance to something like .5? If that doesn’t solve your issue I think it has to do with your UV’s. How you have them set up on your model could also cause this issue. If the tesselelation input at a lower value does not solve you issue you can go to your models details panel and click the UV icon at the top of the viewport. From there you can locate the top of the building. Make sure that is not folded up or between or underneath something. Also, if it is not outside the 0-1 coordinate space.

  • Your world aligned texture needs to use XYZ, not XY. this will only apply correct textures to two angles, not all three.
  • Your normals need to use WorlAlignedNormal Node, not WorldAlignedTexture.
  • Specular is quite useless, get a proper roughness map instead.
  • On that kind of mesh, and the way you are using displacement, your results will always look sub-par. I suggest to not use displacement in this case.

I suggest you learn how to proper uvmap/texture a mesh, google some tutorials for it :slight_smile:

Luos raises some valid possibilities. We offer documentation on UV Unwrapping and how to set up your Texture UV’s as well as LightMap UV’s.

Here is a good link for UV specific unwrapping for textures and what you will be looking at inside of the UV Window in MAYA.