Texture streaming pool over

Hello !
I have a question about texture streaming pool.

I am doing a game using world composition.
I load the persistent where I have only my landscape actor (it is tiled, so I have a part of the landscape in all my levels. Landscape is not visible in the persistent but the actor is present), and a water ocean.

I have the message “texture streaming pool over”, so I increase the pool size to 3000 (I have a good graphic card, so I can improve it a bit but I don’t want to increase to much). I thought that it would be ok then.

The fact is in the statistics window we can see that the fully loaded memory is at 1 894 667.5 KB, so it is suppose to be ok with a pool of 3000 isn’t it ?
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But it is not… Do you know why ? I plan to reduce texture size, etc… to make it correct at 3000. But I just would like to know why it is not working at this time at 3000 ?

I am using 4.26.
Thank you a lot for your help and your time :slight_smile:

All the best

The editor basically never flushes the streaming pool. So any textures you see or inspect will get added to it, and it just gets bigger and bigger, the longer you wait before a restart.

However, the pool is managed properly in a packaged game. Not sure if that’s the case in standalone.

I see you have a lot of non-streaming mips. I’m not exactly sure what that is. It guess it could be textures you’ve set not to stream, but you’re only 20MB over in your example.

Thank you a lot for your answer ! It makes sense, I understand better how it works now.
The no mip things are because before when I had issue with blurry things, I was setting the texture to “no mipmap” to resolve… Yes I know that was stupid :joy: I am now gonna see each textures and change this to what it is supposed to be ! :slight_smile:

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I have one more question please… You say that the editor never flush. But the game after packaging do, is it what you said ? Sorry I am not sure if I understand well this point.
The thing is I am using world composition. After packaging the game, when my player walk arround the world, if he is loading a level and discover a city for example, and then, continue to explore so make the city level unload (automatically with World composition), doas that mean the texture of this level will still be in the pool ? I was hopping that the texture of mesh that are not load are automatically delete from the pool…

Thank you again for your time :slight_smile:

After packaging, even when moving around a normal level, textures will be loading and unloading from the buffer. You only have a problem if you have too many textures on the screen at once. ( or the system doesn’t have enough time to load/unload ).

I am reassured… Thank you a lot ! Everything is clear now :smile:

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Is there a command function that would allow me to clean it without restarting it?

I’m building a tool that use a lot of 4k images and they are only used when the tool is used, so ideally I would clear that up once it is done.

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I don’t think it exists, would love to hear about it though…