Texture streaming pool over ???

How is that can be possible?? İ just imported 4 textures sized 2k. And then it showed texture streaming pool over 130mb. Please help how i can solve this?

hello, it could be that your texture are not compressed so unreal is using the raw data = VectorDisplacementmap (RGBA8) in the compression setting of the texture.
open the console in the editor and type in : r.streaming.poolsize 1000 , as 1000 is the size of the texture pool in mega byte.

I’m having the same issue, relatively new to unreal, but worked 15 years in VFX, and I didn’t think 40 4k textures on one landscape would cause errors already. Anyway to solve this, or do I already need to start optimizing?
I’ve tried the pool size fix and my layered landscape blend texture is still black, before and after the texture pool error fix!