Texture Streaming Pool Over 400000 MB

I’ve seen somebody had the same problem but his solution actually worked, but the game became really slack after this. His solution is to add r.Streaming.PoolSize=# under the renderer settings in defaultengine.ini. After I set the poolsize to 4000, the whole game became pretty slack! And I tested the project on ipad mini iOS 8.
Thanks a lot!

Hello davidg0 -

The Texture Streaming Pool Warning has actually been around since version 1 of the engine, but until 4.10 the message was only displayed in the logs of your project. While in a limited case increasing the Texture Pool Size via the console command you listed in your question is ok, increasing it from 200 to 4000 causes a massive amount of memory to be used for texture storage and loading. You can think of it as how much RAM are you setting aside to store nothing but texture information.

So I think increasing it a modest amount would be okay and then take a look at the following documentation on debugging and optimizing your texture streaming:

Texture Streaming | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank You

Eric Ketchum