Texture streaming over budget? Lag spikes when turning camera.

I have lots of lag spikes when turning the camera in a gtx590 with 3.5ghz i7. I use stat streaming and on medium settings it says im over budget 6mb-30mb… but on epic settings it says im not over budget… 0 .

Can something else be causing the lag spikes and if so … what?

High has like 50mb over budget, but again epic has 0.

High is also blurry on almost all of the textures for a long long time… and epic has no blur at all… medium doesnt seem to suffer from that blur either.

For anyone interested in this… texture streaming has bugs in it from what i have been told. Disabling it makes the lag spikes pretty much completely disappear.

Correction… they stop every 5 feet, but i still get lag spikes if i spin around just about anywhere in the map