Texture streaming issue

I dont know if this the right section for this question, but i have a problem. I have made a model from substance and i imported it into unreal. In the perspective viewport the model has good resolution(picture 1).

When i build it and play, it pops up the left top warning about the streaming pool over. I searched here some topics about that issue. I have tried 2 ways to fix that. The first was to open the DefaultEngine.ini file and under the [/Script/EngineSettings.GameMapsSettings] section i add this r.Streaming.PoolSize=4000. It didnt fix the problem,it was still popping up the warning.

Then i tried the other way with the command after i press the ` key to open the console and i type this r.Streaming.PoolSize=4000. The message is removed but still the resolution is bad(picture 2)

and this is what pops up after i write the command

Does anyone knows whats going on with all this?

problem solved. I had to type this “[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]
r.Streaming.PoolSize=4000” in the defaultengine.ini and also change the unreal scalability settings into epic

Thanks for posting the solution : ) Glad to see you got it fixed.


Yeah, that’s because if you just enter the command through editor’s console the command is only applied to that specific instance of the engine until it is closed or restarted. It’s much more useful for troubleshooting rendering and memory usage optimizations. But any permanent changes like that you’ll want to change directly in the ini files