Texture - Statistics Viewer


I wanted to learn a little more about optimization in UE4 concerning textures.
So I just did a simple test in the UE4 engine where I only have 1 chair and nothing else in the level/map.

The main mesh of that chair is using a material with a 1024x1024 normal map. (named T_Chair_N)

I put an instance of that chair in the level and I change its material with a placeholder material that has a 512x512 normal map. (Named T_Placeholder_N)

I save and then Open the Statistic Viewer from the menu Edit.

I go to the Textures Stats section with the Selected Actors option.
Then I see that both normal maps are loaded. T_Placeholder_N and T_Chair_N.

Does this mean that no matter what material we apply on an instance, it will always load the material of the parent mesh or is there a way to not load the material of the main mesh?

Is this issue already corrected in a newer version?

Thank you in advance for your help!