Texture Slots vs. Shared: Wrap -- Pros & Cons

My landscape material currently has 12 textures (six Diffuse & Normal only) on seven layers. I will add two to four more layers. Obviously, I need to add more textures.

Yet, I’ve hit the upper limit of material textures (12 of the 16), and need more. So, either I resort to atlases or I use the Shared:Wrap option for each texture in the material.

My question is: What are the pros and cons of these approaches (12 texture slots vs. Shared:wrap)?


I had the same question some time ago and came across this forum thread. In short, it looks like there’s no downside using Shared: Wrap.


That’s a great thread. Very informative. Didn’t know that about metal. Thanks!

It looks like the forum migration broke the link. I think this might have been the link @herb64 was referring to: Downsides to using shared texture sampler source?