Texture sharpness


I got a issue with my mesh texture not getting sharp.

Here you see the problem:

Here is my material:

What can I do to make it look better?


Make your UVs more straight on the actual texture. It just looks like aliasing from there being too great of an angle from where the UVs are pointed vs where the texture’s pixels are.

Ok, thanks I’ll look into it

You can also try changing the mip settings for the texture. Doubleclick on the texture in the content browser and change the top right setting (mip gen settings). Try different settings to see what works best.

You are probably running into an issue where a large asset, like a giant boat, doesn’t have enough texture resolution even with a large texture. Buildings are very similar, if you tried to uniquely texture a building with a 2048 texture, it’s going to look low resolution. You will need to use some techniques to make up for the lack of resolution, it’s just not possible to put a 16k texture on a game asset. You can try thing like mirroring textures, tiling textures, detail maps, vertex painting/blending, high resolution texture masks with tiling texturing, using geometry and UVs to place details like stripes, etc.

I think you’re too close to the boat to display low mipmaps. The left part of the ship is probably using the highest mip level. This leads me to believe that the texture itself is painted with an edge that is too sharp. Can you please post a 100% crop from the diffuse of the part where the blue wall ends with the edgy white line.

Even if that’s the case. If you go that near the ship, ZacD is right that one texture is insufficient to properly texture it.