Texture resolution

Hello. How can i change a resolution of texture? My texture is 4k but display 2k.

You probably shouldn’t be using 4k textures, or 2k textures for that matter. What is it for?

I do not know if I understand the question , but my goal is to make a short animation. I am not somehow mega needed texture 4k , but I wonder if I could have such use .

You can open the texture and change the properties and check if it’s rendering at 4k. But it’s very inefficient to use a texture at 4k, depending on what you’re using it for you might be able to just tile a lower resolution texture–with good texturing practice you wouldn’t likely need to use a 4k texture.

I’ll listen more experienced and will stay at 2k :slight_smile:

PS . The material in spite of everything I have 2k display , even changing the LOD Setting the world on a character or other it does not change anything .