Texture resolution HTML5

Is there any way to adjust the texture resolution compiling an html5 build? While running a standalone build everything seems fine but running in browser especially the lightmaps seem massively cut in reslotion size.

Unreal Engine 4.7.6
Firefox Nightly 41.0a1


HTML5 is still experimental features, and not have own specification. But current supported WebGL sytem is similar mobile ES2. And you can use all recomendation for optimisation from mobile section of docs.

About lightmap. Maybe size of lightmap is larger than system support, and its resolution was decreased and compressed with low quality.
In World Setting you can decrease Packed Light And Shadow Map Texture Size. Try to open light maps and change Compress Setting to TC HDR Compress.

Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try and see what happens.

I understand that all about html5 is still in the works but it’s so much fun to play with already. I’m really looking forward to see more features to get integrated. Again, thanks a lot and have a nice weekend.