Texture resolution degrading


I’ve spent a few days banging this about and I’m not making any progress, so here I am. I’m not sure if I have a performance tweaking issue or a bug.

The textures in my scene are dropping down several MIP levels unexpectedly. If I switch out of the editor and wait a while and then come back in they’ll revert to high detail again, only to go back to being low res after a few seconds. I suspect memory is an issue but I’m not sure how to tell. I’m using a Titan with 6GB of RAM. The scene I’m using is from the marketplace and it’s not huge: there are three or four 2k textures, some 1k textures but most things are 256 or 512.

Additionally, sometimes the textures in the texture viewer are clearly much lower res than they should be. If I’m viewing MIP level 0 a 2k texture will look like 256 pixels. If I drop to MIP level 1, the texture drops to what looks like 128 pixels. This seems to be related, but both issues don’t necessarily happen at the same time.

Here’s some images. First, how it looks in the world when the problem is occurring. This is actually a diffuse texture and a baked emissive texture overlaid, so it looks fuzzy and mixed. The baked texture is a little lower in res than the diffuse but not nearly as low as what’s showing in the viewport.

Here’s the two source textures:

A while ago I had the same problem.
If I remember correctly it had only occured with materials that use texture samples with assets of different resolutions
I.e. A 2048 diffuse and a 1024 normal map, or two diffuses of different resolution lerped together, etc…
Cant reproduce it at the moment though…

My co-worker figured it out. Turning the streaming pool up helped. :slight_smile: