Texture repeat Spacing

Hey all,
I’d like to know if there is somehow to allow some spacing before my texture repeats. I know I could manually go into Photoshop and scale down the puddle size and have some spacing there, but I’d like to adjust this value.

I’ve basically got this Grass texture, with a Vertex Color node plugged into a Lerp so I can vertex paint red to allow this puddle to appear. But the spacing isn’t large enough, so I start to see it repeat.

If it’s not possible it’ll be all good. I just know you can do it in Maya, so I was just curious if it’s possible here,


You’ll have to do it in Photoshop. You can also use another mask texture(cloud or some other noise pattern) with a smaller tiling value to randomly mask out the puddles.

Depending on the density, id make Red channel the grass, the green channel the puddle edges, and the blue channel just puddle texture. that way (as long as you have enough vertices on the mesh) you can paint much more variated puddles.