Texture - Render | Not Consistent


Left side I’m previewing a texture and on the right I’m looking at it applied to a cube with Unlit shading mode. Why the render doesn’t look 1:1 to the texture?


But tone mapping is not affecting anything when in unlit mode.

Source for this claim? With unlit mode you can still output HDR colors. Without tonemapping these all would clamp to white.
Another problem would be when you composite translucent materials front of unlit meshes. How could tonemap deal with this?

It could also be the atmospheric fog.

I’m not saying unlit as in per material.
I mean the unlit mode as shading mode for the whole scene.

And when it’s on the unlit mode tonemapper is not affecting anything then. You can enable/disable or do any change to values but it doesn’t work if it’s on the unlit mode.

@jonimake, That’s hidden. Also tried deleting it. Still the same.

Unlit actually has bug that compose ssao on the top. I would recommed to use Buffer Visualization -> Base Color.

Unlit will add some color based on the specular value as well. Neither of those behaviors is considered a bug though.