Texture Questions

Two questions and one doesn’t have to be answered if the first answer is no. Can I apply textures to bsp geometry brushes and if so, how do I get the texture to apply to the sides.

Yes and yes! :slight_smile:

You will need to make the texture a material that can be applied to geometry first off.

Second you can drag the material to the individual sides or have the material selected in the content browser when you create the BSP and it will apply the material to all sides.

thank you, It automatically made it a material i was trying to pull textures in instead. but that did the trick thank you

hey tim, though i did figure out where the pan function was in the surface properties section of the materials options menu. I however can’t get the material to pan up or left, I obviously need to apply a custom pan and set it as a negative fraction, but the custom function does not seem to be working, am i just not thinking correctly or is this a bug


the two on top are off center and the one on the right needs to go up a slight hair, it’s bugging me


Try: Select all surfaces (Alt+A) then choose “Alignment” in the details panel.
Set the alignment to planar.


Thank you KVogler, I was doing it a very difficult way before I read this.