Texture question?


I’m new here! So this will be my first post :cool:

Is it possible have a object remain the same XYZ size and scale only the texture?
As well as vice versa?

This would make my work flow so much easier. Thanx in advance.

The TexCoordinate Node will be able to increase/decrease texture size.

Here’s documentation to better understand the node itself.

I think you need some world position texture mapping.
Check “WorldAlignedTexture” material function.

Hey guys back at it again since my pc last crashed. Anywho i keep trying to attach a photo of my issue but idk whats wrong with the coding on this forum or if i’m just slow…

This is my issue , i’m trying to get this part of the wall to scale with the rest of the wall.


Try JPG instead of PNG for forum post pictures :wink:

Ok noted , but how do i scale those textures?!

In your material, you should connect a textureCoodinate node to the UV slot of your texture.
While selecting the texCoord node, you’ll see in the detail panel a line called U tiling and V tilling.
By setting these value greater than 1, you will tile your texture and it will appear smaller.
By setting them under 1, you will “scale” your texture up.

in your case, you should try value around 0.5 / 0.6 maybe 0.7…
Be aware that you can squich your text by setting different value in these 2 box. If you want to keep it square, put the same value in U and V :slight_smile:

i don’t wanna make this difficult but i don’t believe this is correct.

The texture is scaling as you’ve explained by your method. but still…= )

i think because the wall is a certain dimension it’s causing the texture to appear crunched up looking. So i’m new on terms here but i believe its not scaling uniformly to the wall as the rest are.
Saw a few vids on YT about this, but they are somewhat unclear on information & directions.

Maybe your wall has non uniform UV ^^
The texture use the UV you set for your wall. If your UV are 'not square" (I don’t know how to say that ^^), your texture will be stretched but you can compensate this by changing the value in the U and V tilling. If you put different value in them, the texture will be sclaed differently on the U and V “axes”.
That’s how you can have “square” texture on “non square” UV :slight_smile: