Texture Quality Issue

For a long time I have had issues with texture clarity. I am not sure if it is a limitation of UE4, but when I view assets in Zbrush or Max my quality is better.

It is almost as if there is an intentional setting on to decrease quality. Below is a texture example from Skyrim.

The texture has very good clarity…


Below are some screen shots of a tree base that was created using photogrammetry. The capture itself is not of the best quality, however the focus is more the comparison. Images on the right were renders inside of Max.

After I took these screen shots I realized I had a normal turned on and too high…however…perhaps I’m just going crazy, but it appears to me that there is not only a quality difference, but even the coloring is different.

I mean…I know I can’t compare a real time render to mental ray, but this does not even seem to be an issue in Skyrim. Am I missing something???

When I look at Quixel’s screen shots I just don’t understand how their stuff could look that much better. lol I mean is their stuff even real?

I forgot to mention that my max-ingame resolution is set to 4k, and it is a 4k resolution texture.

This is a 2,000,000 poly mesh with clean topology and the texture applied. It is clearly a decent looking texture…

I think the largest issue is color and small detail of the texture

I ended up figuring out what was going on…

It is unoften that I view things in unreal without lighting…for some reason when lighting in the engine is viewed on the mesh it drastically changes the the coloring. I guess I will need to go through some color settings in photoshop until I get the look I’m going for.