Texture Problems

So recently in my project I have been trying to add assets but the asset model loads in but the texture or material does not and its loaded on the asset but doesn’t load in game

here is a screenshot:

Can anyone help me?

P.S to a forum admin if i get banned for spam that is no sense because I dont spam nor do i even talk much on the forums!

i hope you get response, i have the same problem with a poster on the wall and an image. (in editor ok, in game its only the mesh without material or image.)

Hello, i have the same problem too. somebody can help us, please.

one with own made texture and one that comes with a package… both look the same in editor , but in game its not visible anyone any idea ?

if your model contains materials then upon import you need to check that import materials check box is checked. if your model did not have materials it will have default material assigned. you need to create one and set it up, then apply it to your mesh.