Texture problem

I have some issues in my project. First there was a notify the my Texture Streaming Pool over: 800.000.
I´d inscrese in DefaultEngine.ini as 4000.
But considering i want that to run in simple computers, what´s the suggestion for that? This project has at least 50 different textures samples, or even more. I´ve searched in forums how to reduce the distance view of texture, LOD and stuff, but if there is a tutorial explaning how exactly we do it.

Other important thing i didn´t find in the forum.

As long you can see in the image, one of the models has its texture like this, distorted? I don´t know, looks like a shadow or anything, but i turned off the shadow of the texture. What could be the solution?

Oh, i did the models from Max and i used UV Map with multi-textured, instead of UVW. Perhaps there is something about it that i need to fix it in Unreal. I don´t know.

I figured out. I just needed to raise the Lightmap resolution and set the Ligth Map Coordinate index to 1.