Texture Problem after creating a Build !

Hi Everyone !

I’m doing a VR Game, and I create a Minimap for that. In the scene, I have objects with a custom Actor component (In Blueprint), that allows me to put an icon reference on the minimap, and set dinamically the icon texture and the icon color. When I test the game on the editor, everything is normal. Each object has different icons and each of them shows on the Minimap.

The problem is, when I package the project, and run the .EXE… When load the scene, all of icons are the same as the last object rendered on the map. In the game, the enemies have icons too, and, when the game creates an enemy, all of icons suddenly change his own icon for the last icon loaded (override icons). All icons are in PNG format, and each of them is created by Widgets. Why in editor the game works and, in the build doesn’t ? Did I miss something to configure on the texture? Is a pre- load texture problem ?

Thanks !

In Editor, some errors allow execution to continue that dont continue execution in a built project. Check your logs after PIE for Warnings and especially red error messages. Maybe something fails when selexting the minimap icons.