Texture Panner Lag Over Time

Hey, I have a material with a simple panner node plugged into the UV of my Texture Sample. This all works fine as expected. The problem arises on mobile devices. Upon booting up the game on my android, everything works fine. The material scrolls as intended. But after about a minute of gameplay the material starts to jitter and lag. At first I though the game was slowing down, but by displaying the FPS I can see that the game is still running optimally. It just seems to be the scrolling material. The longer a play, the slower the material scrolls, and it even begins to stretch, skewing the UVs. Any ideas for what could be causing this?

I am running on 4.2.0, I tried opening up the project in 4.5.1, but I was unable to test it as there was a number of other bugs present while running in that version, so for the time being I am still working in 4.2.0.

Reading through the documentation, I remembered hearing there were some issues about accessing texture UVs on mobile. Aside from that, I really don’t know.

Try to check the ‘Fractional Part’ checkbox in the Panner node properties. This should prevent you from any issues with too large values over time.

I tried checking the ‘Fractional Part’ checkbox and I have noticed and improvement. The texture no longer stretches over time, but it still does get choppy after a few minutes of gameplay. I’ve reduced the texture resolution (it was already low) and no luck. I am wondering if it might be as mariomguy says.