Texture- or Assetproblem? UE 4.13

Hi! So, got a little asset test projekt going, started with UE 4.12.5 and everything was fine.
Then i switched to UE 4.13, and now every new asset i put in got a problem with the textures.

Roughness and gloss works fine, but Normal is not effecting anything and the Albedo is, well, off.
Texture on flat plane looks normal though.

When i put the same Mat on a different asset, its working as expected.
As i said, in UE 4.12.5 its working, so there must be a change i do not see. Not in the import settings though, i checked that already.

Look at attached images for ref.

Hope someone can help me out! :slight_smile:

Greetings, Hirudo