Texture Object Function and Normal Map issues?

I’m using a Functions>Texture Object on my master material, i’m using these for the color and roughness/metallic maps as well, this way on my instance materials i can swap in different textures depenindg on the character.

for the LIFE of me, if i use a texture object with the settings in the googe drive link, the normal map now looks…inverted or something, i can’t seem to figure out what i’m doing wrong by trying to have a normal map texture that works with the texture function?

your link is private :slight_smile:

your texture object might be using the wrong sampler type

Ty for that, i uploaded the image now.

you see your default texture sampler type is set to Color. you need to set it to Normal, but if you use the default texture it will give you an error because that texture doesn’t have the right settings to be used as Normal
so instead of using the DefaultTexture try to use ‘/Engine/EngineMaterials/T_Default_Normal’