Texture not updating upon import

I have a 4k image, upon importing a 1k version, the image remains in 4k.
Do i have to change the source file path, or the source file, to make this work?

Video - YouTube

Hi Unit23,

I didn’t reproduce your issue. The tooltips do sometimes take time to update, did you try opening the asset and looking at the dimensions from the texture editor? Once I did that the tooltip updated to have the correct dimensions.

EDIT: Also, in the video I didn’t see you reimport the asset. Saving the asset wont update it you need to right click and selece “reimport” and it will update based off the source asset.



Yes, i checked filesize, still 4k. Do you want me to upload the files? Its TGA RGBA, using ThirdPerson default project.
Actually effects all kind of TGAs in this project (Alpha or not, and different resolutions).

What i did in the video, and what i try to do, drag and drop an updated texture version into the project. I did not change the source file. The new file is from a different folder.

You caught me before I edited my post. Are you using the reimport option? I didn’t see you use it in your video and simply saving the asset wont update it based off the source asset since the source asset can exist outside the project.

So far, since i begun using UE, drag and drop an updated texture was never an issue. I rarely use reimport source file. Because the source file is generally in the highest resolution, which you likely want to preserve, but to keep the project small you want a tweaked resolution. Drag and dropping textures have never been an issue until now. I did not used reimport source file, because i use a lower resolution.

I do not want to re-import the source file, i want to use a different resolution. Can you try to reproduce updating an existing texture via drag and drop, from a different folder?

I am only able to update the textures when changing the source files, drag and drop from a different folder not updating the textures.

Another thing to note, while this might be an underreported issue, most assets from the market place have basically an invalid source path, in which case drag and drop actually functions as intended.

Ah okay, I didn’t see you drag and drop the file either granted your mouse is hidden so I had to take a guess on what was going on.

So, I can reproduce the issue of asset that is dropped in (that has a different file path than the source file) wont properly update the texture.

When did this work for you? The files don’t import correctly in 4.13 either.

I just begun noticing it, because i was working on a Unity asset, otherwise, normally i use packs from the Marketplace, and those have source paths, which are invalid (from the asset creator computer). And in those cases drag and drop works. So this was new for me. Not a real big issue, but affects workflow.

Hi Unit23

Thank you for submitting this post. I went ahead and logged a JIRA for it here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39417)

You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.