Texture Not Imported Correctly?

Firstly, I’m a complete beginner so go easy please!

I’m using photogrammetry to create assets of heritage value - think churches, columns, bunkers, graffiti etc. I’m then using UE4 to drop these assets into a VR environment with info panels and POI’s. So far the basic level design has gone well. Assets are created and imported, lighting is fine with all photogrammetry assets imported unlit and emmissive (as normals can be a pita on a 1m poly church!).

The problem I have though, and it’s a big one, is that the texture on the actual asset just looks terrible. I know it’s something in UE4, as when I import the exact same object into Valve’s Destinations app, the textures/models look vastly better. I want to continue using UE4, but I am at a complete loss as to what to do.

Screenshots showing examples of exact same imports into Destinations v UE4:

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the noob post and thanks!

can you show us your material setup?

well there is your problem.
You need to use a roughness map, normal map, perhaps even an AO map.
that way the depth, sharpness, etc will be way more crisp.
You are losing quite a lot of detail not doing so.

another vast difference is the fact that UE4 is using physically based rendering, so you will need an accurate albedo map alongside the roughness and normal map.

just a flat unlit wont get you good results for architecture like this.

Hi Luos - added to the link: http://imgur.com/a/DYwkS

A fair bit more work to do then - I assumed I could import and bring the created texture with it and it would look the same as Destinations. I’ll keep plugging away - thanks!