Texture Mip Gen Settings not working

Hello. Since UE 4.17 (Issue still exists in 4.17.1) a setting called “Mip Gen Setting” in Level of details is bugged.

LEFT SIDE - 4.17 RIGHT SIDE - 4.16

The issue still persists up to this date.

I guess they even fixed it? I think the Checkbox ‘Mipmap Level’ in top of the window controls the displayed Resolution for the preview. So it is the 1024x1024 resolution you see in the 4.17 example. Your ressource size is 1.2mb in the 4.17 example and 341kb in the 4.16 example, maybe there is some problem too?

Also, do you know what the ‘LOD Bias’ does? It just seems to lower the max in-game resolution and addds to the combined LOD Bias count.

I swear It wasn’t working yesterday (19/08/2017), but today (20/08/2017) It magically started to work… I really have no idea what was causing it.

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