Texture\Material size after reimport

Hey Folks,

1st: I am a beginner trying my best to start gamedesign.

So here is my Problem: I create a Architectual Structure within UE4 to make a “layout” for my level. Then i take a wall for example and convert it to static mesh. Then i go to Maya and edit UV Tex and UV Lightmapchannel. After reimporting the Mesh into UE4 i apply a Material, for example, Clay Bricks, wich was perfect before with a 0.5 TexCoordinate.

After Reimporting the tiling is HUGE and i have to Insance the Material an get the TexCoordinate up to 10 (!) to make i look like before. So i dont know where my mistake is.

I hope you can help me out! :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

Also the Orientation has changed by 90 degrees.


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Thank you.