texture/material glitch please help texture messed up cant fix

i have a png texture with see trough background and i want it to be on top of another texture on character and glow. however the image/texture looks like this

When you’re working with emissive, you need to know exactly what you’re sending to the channel. Ultimately you want to be feeding either TOTAL BLACK or colour data in the range of 0-1 per channel to a multiplier, pretty much like what you have. The problem is, your alpha isn’t being used in any way in that graph.

I’d do this:

I’d also make the colour data totally green so you don’t get messed up edges where it fades to black and to something else at the same time.

thank u i fixed it
font really know how was just messing around with the textures and it works now
i was mostly having the problems because i didnt really know the textures (didnt make them got from a game and am very very new to ue4)
here is what i got now feel free to tell me if i did something wrong to improve performance or something, but it works now so ye

What I should I do if my playable character child blueprint got messed up textures?