Texture maps not rapping

so I finally figured out hot to import everything over from zbrush - maya - ue4, my issue is that when we bring the textures over the texture maps are not wrapping the way we want. It comes in as a flat image, I followed the tutorial for the texture mapping to the t. and it still is not functioning properly, if you need a screen shot let me know if not some advice would be appreciated.

A screenshot would be useful to know what exactly your problem is :slight_smile: -> but I think what you mean is a material. Do a right click onto the texture (flat image) and then click create material

I figured it out, sorry by boss wanted me to message to figure it out but I stumbled across what was going on, the uv for the geometry was not flipped the same way as the material (yes i did mean material). I hope that makes since, my thought process does not always come out the way I want it to in text.

Zbrush flips the textures for some reason.