Texture Maps and Sizes?

Hey there,
I am designing a game that has a very simple art style. So simple, that all the textures are one solid colour. I came across a YouTube tutorial and I would like to use his method (link below, starts at 1:08). My question is, if I put all my colours into 16x16 squares, unwrap all my models onto their corresponding sections and then import into UE4. Will the engine use the entire 1,024 x 1,024 file for each model or will it only use the section my unwrap is on?

My goal is to save on video memory and file size. Is this a good method for my art-style or is there a better way to lower the texture size. Thank you.

PS: The style in the video is similar to what I am going for.

It sounds like you’re asking whether you can divide a 1024x1024 texture into 16x16 squares and only use resources for the square that’s being actively used in the diffuse? From what I understand no, that isn’t the case. The 1024x1024 texture will be used/loaded as a whole, regardless of whether only a portion of it is used in your uv space. If your textures are just solid color, why use textures at all? Use a constant 3 parameter in UE4 and set your colors that way. You’ll also be able to change the colors through instances. =)

Thank you, I’ll take a look at that now.

Sure thing. Good luck! =)