Texture Import Channels Issue

In UE4.11 if I import a map with a packed texture there is an issue. It doesn’t read the channels correctly.

For instance if I pack a texture map and combine the Metallic, Roughness and Ambient Occlusion into each channel:

Metallic = Red Channel

Roughness = Green Channel

Ambient Occlusion = Blue Channel

Then I import that texture as a png or even a targa, it won’t read those channels properly when I plug them into the material. They don’t render correctly nor look correctly. This issue is unique to UE4.11 and did not occur in previous engine versions. Hopefully it’s not some setting in my Photoshop. If someone could please confirm this bug that’d be great.

Oh well now, that’s it. Thanks. Apparently for some reason in previous versions of the engine I didn’t have to disable sRGB for it to work. Now I do. Meh, whatever.

I havent experienced this, are you sure you disabled SRGB?