Texture having stretch on top and bottom

Has anyone had these problem? i have a texture that i changed its resolution to 4096x4096 its normal resolution was 5454x3744 but when i changed it to 4096 it stretched on the top and bottom it doesnt show when i click on the texture it mostly only shows on the normal map and i can still make it look like its not there if i use the texCoord. P.S was going to put a ScreenShot but it looks lkie its not working atm ill put one in a few

I think you need to crop your texture not scale it. So in your case the best you could do is make a 3744x3744 texture. I also think you need to use multiples of 64 in UE4, at least that is my experience.

Can you upload for us screenshot?
Edit: Oh didn’t read your PS :stuck_out_tongue: